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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something Hiding.

are we really know the something special in us?
did we really discover about it?? from what i know, we're not.
why? it is hiding and waiting for us to discover it.
mostly, its more to creativity.
creative doesn't meant the painting, drawing, dancing or art only.
it is wide.
too wide enough for us to see it with our bare pair of eyes.

some of us discover it in early age.
some discover it a bit late and mostly doesn't even notice it.
there also some people notice it but just ignore it.
what the thing makes us doesn't notice about it??
well, from what i think, our mind was being block by our 'too much academic examination'.
yeah... i know some of you will agree with this and some not.
the 'not' person will said this, [i think??] "we got co-curricular activities after school."

came on... i know, most of the student could easily skipping it. just get yourself some old MC, scanned it with scanner of cause, edit it, and print with the happy lazy face that you get.
now, you just happily skipping the co-curricular activities.

why is this happened?? this is because the student was too tired. physically and mentally.
we has been push ourself too much on studying thing.
reading too much academic book just with aim to pass the academic examination with flying colour which that will not make our parent angry with us and some will drive us.
then, what that we've learn and pass is just a waste and will lost because we're not fully honest study for god, parent and the most important is to ourself.

actually, we need to study for ourself, not for anybody else. because what we're going to study is showing a way for the future that we want and plan.
if you still doesn't understand, i can give you an example.

the easy example that i could give is just what i has been through before.
my dad want me studying in science field.
i actually can't afford to understand it. it is too hard for me. i actually like drawing a plan of house, cooking, playing handball & hockey, writing novel and 'kerja kayu' like in KHB subject.
i could sketch the house plan in different view in just 30 minutes. i'm not lying.
but, i discover it late.
so, my creativity has been blunt because i have not been ground with the talent i had.
i doesn't want to blame my parent because of this. they just don't really know our secret special creative talent.
as the result, my SPM result? 5C-bio,chemist,physics,add math,est.
i think i never born to understand too much of that subject. haha... XD

brave and honest.
that the only thing that you need to avoid any mistake in choosing the way of the suitable line with you.
now, just take your time, discover who really you are, choose the right course that suitable with what you're discover you are, pray to god, and insyaAllah god will help and show the true wisdom.

p/s: just discover your hiding true ability. there is no need to act to learn the subject in the most glamorous name, but not according to our real interest.
pen off.


  1. soalan cepumas
    apakah kebolehan saye ?
    kalau betol dpt seringgit x)

  2. haha..sye plak nak jadi gabenor bank..yeay.._liana